the least of these

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Mathew 25:40

A Day of Worship



Tired but excited, we were met by our host Christian Boguslawski otherwise known as “Boogy” at Tegel International Airport.  He quickly shepherded us off to Mavuno Berlin to join a party in process.  I was pleasantly surprised to attend my firsDay of Worshipt Reformation Day Celebration.  We were greated by Martin Luther and were shown a replica of an old Bible Press?


Sunday morning came quick as we adjusted to our new time zone.  After a traditional German Breakfast, we made our way to Church to experience worship in Berlin.  Probably my most found memory will be off the “Playground.”  This playground consisted of an old tree stump in the brush near the church. The center of attention was “Opa” using his axe to break off pieces of wood for the boys.  Not sure if it was the axe or the anticipation of wood for spears, but the boys were well entertained.  One of the boys, with laser focus, used a Swiss army knife to sharpen the point on his newly fashioned spear.  I loved it!

The service it’s self was simple but sweet.  The worship, message, and light shining through the stained glass windows was moving.  Pastor Ole spoke to use about Jonah and his decision not to immediately follow Gods call to him.  It was a message I can relate too.  I am like Jonah, I have a tendency to turn away when God is calling.

The next highlight came when the service ended.  After church lunch was planned for the entire congregation. I was blown away that not one person left.  The sanctuary was miraculously converted to a dining room and within a short time we were all eating, breaking bread as one big family.

Although Mavuno Berlin may be small in size, they are big in fellowship.  At both the Reformation Day event and the lunch after church, participation was incredible.  Every life stage was represented. Elder age tend to the children, the middle age operated the church.  It truly is one big family.  I felt at home and as if I was part of the family.  It was amazing.

Tomorrow we have a packed scheduled visiting refugee camps and one of the central organization in Berlin which handles their entry process.  We are preparing to have our hearts broken.


2 thoughts on “A Day of Worship

  1. Keep it coming….so interesting, and you are a good writer. I am forwarding these to Dave and Jen. Are they on your list.

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    • Thank you for then encouragement. Unfortunately, I can’t add them, but if they go to the blog ( and sign up to Follow it they will get emails when new posts are made.


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