the least of these

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Mathew 25:40

Is a 2nd Reformation coming?


What is God doing in Germany?  God is using refugees as a catalyst of change in the hearts and minds of Germans toward him.  As our host Horst EDSC_0142ngelemani said today, “This is not a Refugee Crisis, but a Refugee Opportunity.”  This is an opportunity for intercultural reconciliation. The Lord is using refugees to restore his children.

Such is the nature of Shalom, so we should not be surprised by what is happening.  After all, God is in the business of restoration.  Further, only a mighty God can use all things for good in those who believe in Him.  This is why we can look with great expectation to the bountiful harvest waiting in Germany and around the world now.

Today was a life changing day.  It simply and clearly answered all my questions I set 12188918_10208145895914617_7054388029026513314_nout to answer on this trip.  Such things are only capable through an anointed and gifted leader as the one we were blessed to meet today.  Horst Engelemani can speak clear, gentle, and with a manner that moves one radically toward God.

It was such a pleasure to travel to Wiedenest Bible College with Horst.  The facility is modern, beautiful, and tucked away in the gentle countryside.  It was here that we heard from students doing amazing ministry with refugees.  We also heard the incredible vision Hosti has for his next calling with Jesus Unite.  This exciting ministry seeks an intercultural platform of leaders and committed Christians from different networks, organizations, and churches to reach Germany with the Gospel together in a new way. The vision is compelling and the harvest is plenty.  Thank you Horst for your faithful obedience to Gods calling.  God has, is, and will use you in a powerful way to advance His Kingdom in Germany and around the world.

On a more personal note, the Wiedenest Bible College is close to 1 mile away from where my father in law, Winfried Schroeder spent the first 19 years of his life. DSC_0144 The same home where his brother, Johannes Schroeder (whom my son was named after), lived for close to 70 years.  I am told that behind the back of the grain mill, in the grassy area behind the back garage, was a prison camp for captured Russian / Soviet soldiers.  They used to carve wooden airplanes for my father in law & his brothers.

God works in amazing ways!


6 thoughts on “Is a 2nd Reformation coming?

  1. Sounds so inspiring. What an experience!


  2. awesome!


  3. Thanks Ben for these excellent & detailed reports & pictures of Germany and my Birthtown . May our Lord bless You , Ben , as You do serve Him over there , to present the glorious GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus Christ to these migrants , who do NOT know Him as a Saviour God . May our Lord continue to bless You for the remaining days of this ministry in Germany ! We love You Ben , and will continue to pray for You . Anita & Windy .


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